Automatic configuration option, how it works on iPhone and iPad

May 5, 2019

With iOS 11, you can switch to a new iPhone (or iPad) in a snap by transferring settings, data and content simply by bringing your old device closer to the new one. Read more on

Starting with iOS 11, Apple allows you to say goodbye to the configuration phase of a new iPhone and iPad.

iOs 11 has introduced a simplified system, called the Automatic Configuration Option, to switch to a new device simply by bringing it closer to the old one during the first configuration.

The system basically allows you to skip the entire initial setup phase by scanning a particular code shown on the old device, through the camera of the new one.

It’s a kind of proprietary QR Code, the same one we see on Apple Watch, thanks to which the settings of iCloud, Keychain, iTunes, App Store, iMessage and FaceTime are transferred, including language preferences, region, Wi-Fi, keyboard, frequently visited places, Hey Siri and Home and Health data.

To ensure the operation of Auto Configuration Option you will need to type the lock code of the old device, which is transferred to the new one. Thus, in a flash, all settings will be transferred to the new device.

We won’t have to answer all the classic configuration questions or even register Wi-Fi passwords. The time saved is considerable, especially if you have a backup on iCloud, which at the end of the procedure will also restore applications and all other personal files including documents, photos, videos and more.

If you have backed up to iTunes, the transfer of all content, instead, is done by cable following the normal procedures that we know, but even here you have saved some time.