Choose the best vacuum cleaner robot: 5+1 things to know

October 15, 2020

Staying quietly on the sofa relaxing while someone else (or rather: something else) provides domestic cleaning, is a luxury that can now have a reasonable price and that, in any case, is worth the investment. Just buy a vacuum cleaner robot, perhaps the best known among domestic robots, turn it on and let it do it. From the successful Roomba series to Samsung POWERbot, many important brands in the sector have invested in the development and production of these small and very useful home cleaning robots. To help you in your choice, it is important to have clear ideas about what you are looking for and why: do you have a dog or a cat and you need above all a robot that sucks animal hair? Do you have allergies for which you need a specific product or is a simple floor robot enough to remove most of the dirt from the ground? And then again, how big is your house? In our guide we will try to give some useful advice and answer the main questions before buying such a product: here are 5+1 things to know to choose the best vacuum cleaner robot for your needs. Here you can buy one:

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Type and size of the surface to be cleaned

Do you have ceramic or parquet floors in your home, or a mix of various materials? Is the surface regular? If, for example, in all rooms you have tiles and the floor is not particularly critical, you can opt for a basic or intermediate model. If, on the other hand, you have part or all of the wooden floor, you should opt for a robot vacuum cleaner for parquet that has soft and delicate bristles. Some models of robots for the home are equipped with a larger battery: if you have a very large house, choose a product with a particularly high autonomy, otherwise you will have to recharge the device several times (with inevitable interruptions) to complete a complete cleaning cycle.

The size of the tank

This is an extremely important feature: if you have a large house, therefore with a large surface to entrust the care of your robot, it is essential to choose a product with a capacious tank. The same care is absolutely necessary if pets also live in the house: dogs and cats can lose in some periods significant amounts of hair, and there are in fact specific robots vacuum animal hair. In addition to this, a capacious tank needs to be emptied less frequently and, if you are often out of the house, it will help you save time.


Although vacuum cleaner robots are extremely technological, some can be quite noisy. Be careful, then, in case you have neighbors who get upset with some ease: better to choose something more discreet. Some models have the silent mode, but do not forget that this type of products are still vacuum cleaners, so it is inevitable that, in order to have a minimally effective cleaning action, a certain disturbance will give it in any case.
control the robot vacuum cleaner from smartphone via app

Timer and remote control via app for “smart” use

If you live a life with irregular hours and in any case you prefer the robot to clean at a certain time so as not to disturb the neighbors, or for your personal needs, then the best vacuum cleaner robot for your home is a device equipped with a timer. Alternatively there are smart models, manageable through an app that allows you to operate them remotely (obviously in this case you will need to have a home wi-fi network) so you can choose at any time when to start them.

Automatic return to the charging base

The main utility of the vacuum cleaner robot is to automate a tedious daily cleaning activity, in order to get rid of the hassle and the hassle of having to hand sweep or traditional vacuum cleaner: the auto-docking function makes your machine even more autonomous as it will know when it is time to refuel, without you having to worry about checking the battery charge level or worrying about going back home and finding the cleaning left halfway through.

Allergen filters

The increasing prevalence of allergies to pollen and animal hair, especially in children, cannot help but make you consider the presence or absence of an effective pollen filter as discriminating when buying a robot vacuum cleaner, especially now that Spring is starting. Under the name HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter) you can find a whole generation of highly effective filters, sub-categorized with additional acronyms (such as H10, H14, 99%Hepa, etc.) that certify different levels of effectiveness: if you or those who live with you have important allergy problems, check carefully what type of filter is mounted in the appliance you are going to buy.

Finally, remember a detail that is anything but secondary to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner: vacuum cleaner robots are equipped with cameras that allow them to accurately map the working area, able to recognize and avoid obstacles. Before starting them, try to free up as much space as possible on the work area: the more space is free, the more accurate the cleaning will be. In the presence of carpets, most vacuum cleaner robots are able to stand up slightly to climb on them, and the same concept applies to the base of tables and the like.

In presence of stairs, don’t worry: robots are equipped with the vacuum sensor that will make them stop before crashing!