How to delete searches and history in Google Maps iOS

April 27, 2019

A simple guide to delete searches and history in Google Maps iOS, so you can occasionally clean up, take up less space on your device and make the app faster. Do you know how to use

Many users prefer to use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps; it’s a valuable, often more accurate alternative to the navigation tool made in Cupertino.

So, every now and then, it might be advisable to do some cleaning, delete the search history and the data that the app stores. Here’s how to do it on Google Maps iOS.

To clear the search history simply open the application, tap the menu button at the top left, represented by the three parallel lines and go to Settings.

At this point, you will have to enter the History of Maps tab to see all the addresses you are looking for appearing. For each of these, you can click on the “X” and then press the Delete button. This will get rid of the search history.

To clear the data cache, you must always reach the Settings menu, as described above, then click on the Information, terms and privacy item.

From here it will be enough to tap on Delete application data, confirming with the “Ok” button on the next pop up, as shown in the images below.

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