How to import contacts from SIM to iPhone

April 18, 2019

A simple guide to import contacts from SIM to iPhone; just a few clicks and you’re done. Maybe you need to use

For those who still use the classic old mobile phones as terminals, before the final transition to a new generation iPhone, it may be necessary to import contacts from SIM to iPhone. Even before the cloud, of the various synchronizations, it was the SIM to contain the various phone numbers, so you can easily transport them from one device to another. Today the problem is over, but here’s how to copy contacts from a SIM card to the Apple smartphone.

The operation is among the simplest and most basic, and it takes just a tap. First of all, you need to insert the SIM containing the contacts into your iPhone. If you are talking about a particularly old SIM card, you will need to cut it out or use various adapters, in order to insert it correctly into your terminal.

Once you have correctly stored the SIM in your iPhone, simply go to Settings, open Contacts (which on previous versions of iOS is proposed as “Mail, contacts, calendars”) and scroll down until you see the item “Import SIM contacts”.

Obviously, tap on this item will be enough to copy the contacts from SIM to iPhone. Once this is done, any iCloud or iPhone backup will allow you to always and anyway recover your contacts, even if you change SIM. The contact information imported from your SIM card depends on how your previous phone stored the information on your SIM card.