How to use from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

April 9, 2019

Here’s how to use iCloud from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, without having to go under the limits of mobile navigation.

Through you can access various control functions of iOS devices, such as the one that allows you to find the lost device, locating it on the map.

Unfortunately, however, when you try to access the Apple cloud from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you get a very limited experience. Here’s how to have full access to iCloud from your smartphone or tablet, so you can also fully control the Find My iPhone feature.

When you try to access iCloud from Safari iOS you will be redirected to a specific mobile page, which tends to open the various applications installed on your device. It may not be the most convenient choice, especially to fully manage all the functions of iCloud. So, to fully access the Apple cloud from mobile, it is advisable to install, and use, Google Chrome for iOS.

It is sufficient to navigate from mobile, with the Google browser, to the address; at this point, it will be necessary to click on the icon with the three dots present on the bar at the top left and from here to request the site in desktop mode. From this point you can enter your login credentials, browsing as from your PC or Mac.

While the navigation in this way is quite convenient on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, of course, will be different, because of the small screen, which will not be able to put in a good view all the elements within the various pages.

It is, then, an emergency tool, to be used in special conditions, perhaps to find your lost device, when you do not have a desktop station.