Improving the autonomy of iPhone X, XS, XS Max is possible: here’s how to do it

April 5, 2019

Here are several methods, tested and working, to increase the battery life of iPhone X, XS and XS Max thanks to their OLED screens.

Although OLED screens and other devices, such as the A11 and A12, make a big contribution on their own, improving the battery life of iPhone X and its descendants is an ambition for everyone. It’s a matter of following the usual tricks, but also applying some particular ones, such as the completely black background, made available by Apple in its gallery.

It is possible to get about 15% more autonomy according to a test carried out by keeping active for 3 hours the iPhone X display on the Home screen, with maximum brightness, and automatic shutdown of the display set to “Never”.

After 3 hours, iPhone X with black background goes from 100% to 77%, while with a coloured wallpaper, in the same period of time, the battery goes from 100% to 61%. This is because the OLED screen is able to minimize energy consumption on black backgrounds, where the pixels are virtually off.

If this would be enough to increase the daily battery life of the iPhone X, there is another option, which really makes the difference: the reversal of the screen colours, an option that allows you to simulate almost a dark mode. Although iPhone X, with its OLED display, would lend itself to a “dark” mode, Apple has not yet taken specific steps in this direction.

The result? With reversed colours, viewing a Safari page for 3 hours, iPhone X switches from 100% battery to 85%, while without reversal of colours, then with white Safari page, the battery in the same period of time goes from 100% to 28%. Simply impressive. Of course, reversing the colours will have an effect not fully comparable to a “Dark Mode”, because this trick will also change the photos, making them indecipherable, as well as not working properly on some third-party application.

Appleinsider’s editorial advice to increase iPhone X battery life then continues using Shift Mode, i.e. night mode. Activating it will increase battery life because it will eliminate the blue colours of the display, which weigh on the battery, more than do the yellow lights. Similarly, reduce the white point from the Display Settings, as well as use the automatic brightness. Again, to maximize the battery life of the iPhone X you can also use the Color Filters option by setting the display to grayscale.

All options can be turned on or off immediately, using shortcuts/abbreviations.

To do this you need to go to Settings, Accessibility and enter the Accessibility Abbreviations menu. From here, in the menu that appears, you can choose the options of your interest, to be activated or deactivated by triple pressing the StandBy button on the right side of iPhone X, XS and XS Max.