HDCP Unauthorised Content Disabled – Solved on Now TV

The issue of unauthorized content being disabled due to HDCP has been resolved on Now TV. Ensure that your Now TV device is connected using a HDMI cable that is HDCP compliant. Device Restarting Tips Hardware Connection Troubleshooting Check the cable connections: Make sure all cables are properly plugged in and secure. Check for any … Read more

SignTool.exe Missing in Visual Studio and MSBuild v17.1

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Troubleshooting a Window That Won’t Open

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Fix Excel Arrow Keys Not Moving Cell

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Java TAP Testing for Android Apps with Top Tools & Frameworks

In today’s mobile app development landscape, it’s critical to ensure that your Android app functions as intended. One way to achieve this is through Java TAP Testing, using top tools and frameworks to streamline the testing process. import org.junit.Test; import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals; public class MyTest { @Test public void testAddition() { int sum = 2 … Read more

Best Java Libraries for Testing with TAP Protocol

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