SignTool.exe Missing in Visual Studio and MSBuild v17.1

Have you ever encountered the frustration of SignTool.exe being missing in Visual Studio or MSBuild v17.1? Read on to discover the causes of this issue and how to resolve it.

import os

def check_signtool():
Checks if signtool.exe is present in the PATH
for path in os.environ["PATH"].split(os.pathsep):
signtool_path = os.path.join(path, "signtool.exe")
if os.path.exists(signtool_path):
return True
return False

if not check_signtool():
print("signtool.exe is missing from the PATH")
print("signtool.exe is present in the PATH")

This sample code checks if the signtool.exe file is present in the system’s PATH environment variable. If it is not found, the code prints a message informing the user that it is missing. If it is found, the code prints a message confirming that it is present. This tool could be useful for troubleshooting issues related to signtool.exe not being found or missing.

Check if the signtool.exe file is really missing and not just misplaced. Look in different directories and search your computer for the file name.

Global Perspective on Handling Signtool Exe Missing Error

A global perspective on handling Signtool.exe missing error is essential for developers who encounter this issue on their computers. This error usually occurs when a code signing certificate is not installed or is not properly configured in Visual Studio. The error message may appear as “No certificates were found that met all the given criteria”, with an error code 0x800700c1.

To resolve this issue, developers must ensure that they have the correct certificate installed, and that it is configured correctly in Visual Studio. They can also try using alternative tools such as Advanced Installer or aipackagechainer.exe to sign their code. Additionally, they may consider using cloud-based services such as AWS to sign their code.

It is important for developers to understand that this signtool error is not limited to a specific operating system, as it may occur on both Windows 7 and later versions. To fix this error, developers must ensure that their certificates meet the given criteria and that they have the necessary permissions to access the certificate store.

In conclusion, an error occurred when developers encounter the Signtool.exe missing error in Visual Studio and MSBuild v17.1. However, with the proper tools and configurations, developers can resolve this error and continue their coding without any further issues.

Without signtool.exe, you cannot sign your code and verify its authenticity.
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