Changes tap4j

Release History

Version Date Description
4.1.3 2016-10-20 4.1.3 release
4.1.2 2015-10-11 4.1.2 release
4.1.1 2015-09-30 4.1.1 bugfix release
4.1 2014-08-23 4.1 release
4.0.8 2014-01-23 4.0.8 release
4.0.7 2013-12-24 4.0.7 release
4.0.6 2013-11-30 4.0.6 release
4.0.5 2013-10-30 4.0.5 release
4.0.4 2013-09-03 4.0.4 release
4.0.3 2013-07-20 4.0.3 release
4.0.2 2013-07-19 4.0.2 release
4.0.1 2013-03-16 4.0.1 release
4.0 2013-01-25 4.0 release
3.3 2012-11-24 3.3 release
3.2 2012-11-24 3.3 release
3.2 2012-10-20 3.2 release
3.1 2012-06-26 3.1 release
3.0 2012-05-10 3.0 release
2.0.7 2012-03-12 First release

Release 4.1.3 – 2016-10-20

Type Changes By
Fix An empty plan, 1..0, causes parser error when it occurs right after another plan Fixes 41. Thanks to Jakub Podlesak. kinow
Add Update dependencies before the next release Fixes 43. kinow
Add Add Travis CI Fixes 44. kinow

Release 4.1.2 – 2015-10-11

Type Changes By
Add Clear up handling of character encodings in Consumer and Producer. Fixes 38. Thanks to Chapman Flack. kinow

Release 4.1.1 – 2015-09-30

Type Changes By
Fix Not able to find SKIP directive Fixes 37. kinow

Release 4.1 – 2014-08-23

Type Changes By
Fix Error parsing test result description with # symbol in TAP. Fixes 32. kinow
Fix Fix issue when Yaml is contained in a diagnostic. Fixes 34. Thanks to Andy Campbell. kinow
Fix Incorrect issues link in the changes report. Fixes 26. kinow
Fix JUnit TapListeners always report tests as passed on version 4.0.6. Fixes 23. kinow
Fix Create examples for working with extensions (TestNG, JUnit, etc). Fixes 29. kinow
Update Updated ext project JUnit dependency version from 4.10 to 4.11. kinow
Fix Fixed broken tests when using Java 8. kinow
Update Fix wrong parent version in the perl-integration tests project. kinow
Update Migrate Maven site to GitHub pages Fixes 31. kinow

Release 4.0.8 – 2014-01-23

Type Changes By
Fix Improving test and fixing issue #20 (again) Fixes 24. Thanks to Andy Campbell. kinow

Release 4.0.7 – 2013-12-24

Type Changes By
Fix Allow TAP plan to be optional Fixes 22. kinow

Release 4.0.6 – 2013-11-30

Type Changes By
Fix Issue 20 quick fix: Exiting from the YAML block by looking at indentation correctly. Fixes 20. Thanks to Andy Campbell. kinow

Release 4.0.5 – 2013-10-30

Type Changes By
Fix org.tap4j.ext.testng.listener.*Yaml wont output YAMLish Fixes 19. kinow
Fix Stream with subtests chopping off last yaml diagnostic Fixes 17. kinow
Fix Unable to write tap output due folder structure not being created Fixes 18. kinow

Release 4.0.4 – 2013-09-03

Type Changes By
Fix Optional test numbers are not working Fixes 16. kinow
Fix YAML parser isn't parsing correctly. Fixes 1. kinow

Release 4.0.3 – 2013-07-20

Type Changes By
Fix Diagnostics are added to all test cases, after one with diagnostics was found Fixes 14. kinow

Release 4.0.2 – 2013-07-19

Type Changes By
Fix subtest as first test causes ParserException (Duplicated TAP plan found) Fixes 12. kinow

Release 4.0.1 – 2013-03-16

Type Changes By
Fix Missing tests with skip_all Fixes 13. kinow

Release 4.0 – 2013-01-25

Type Changes By
Add Split the producers to have one that outputs only TAP 13 and another with YAMLish. kinow
Add Updated web site. Removing the link to the book too, until it gets updated. kinow
Add Separated project into multiple maven modules. kinow
Add Increased test coverage. kinow
Fix Simplified parsers with OO and options by constructor. kinow
Add Organized test resources packages. kinow
Remove Removed author tags. kinow
Fix Fixed code license headers. kinow
Fix Formatted code. kinow
Add Updated project web site with more examples. kinow
Add Updated integration with TestNG and JUnit. kinow

Release 3.3 – 2012-11-24

Type Changes By
Fix Fixing subtests bug. kinow

Release 3.2 – 2012-11-24

Type Changes By
Add Add subtests. kinow

Release 3.2 – 2012-10-20

Type Changes By
Add Minor code clean up. kinow

Release 3.1 – 2012-06-26

Type Changes By
Add Added a JUnit TAP Representer and a factory for TAP Producers. kinow

Release 3.0 – 2012-05-10

Type Changes By
Fix Added support to comment diagnostics Fixes 3525607. kinow
Fix Bug fix. Whenever the parser found a simple 'ok', like the one added by done_testing, it would increase the test number by 1 Fixes 3525603. kinow
Fix Added support to subtests Fixes 3504508. kinow
Add Code clean up, increasing the quality index measured by Sonar (from 91, to 98.5, FWIW) kinow

Release 2.0.7 – 2012-03-12

Type Changes By
Add Added maven changes plug-in. kinow
Remove Removed the code that verified if TAP Plan has been set either at the beginning or at the end of the TAP Stream. kinow
Add Added code to verify if TAP Plan has been set. Added unit tests. kinow