How to convert videos to MP4 for PSP?

The following article describes a step-by-step process to convert video to MP4 for playback on PSP.

UM PSP Video Converter provides a simple method to convert almost all videos and audio formats to PSP. If you need, free download at: videos to MP4.

Now let's focus on цена экскурсии в Лахта Центр в Санкт-Петербурге how to convert videos to MP4 for PSP with the powerful UM PSP Video Converter.

1. Start up UM PSP Video Converter

Launch UM PSP Video Converter, add file by clicking "Add" in the File menu or in the main interface.

2. Select the target to decode

In "Profile" drop down list box, you may select output format: PSP. The software allows setting different output formats according to different files.

3. Set advanced parameters

After selecting certain output format, the profile setting dialog will show its general standard. By clicking certain settings such as "Video Size", "Video/Audio Bit rate" and so on, you may set it.

4. Choose the destination

Now let's select the output folder by clicking the "Browse..." button or directly enter a path in "Output Path " edit box.

5. Start the videos to PSP conversion

Finally, click "Convert" button to start converter.

  • Tip1: We provide abundant profiles sorted by various popular devices, especially all-around HD video formats are supported.

    Tip2: Many options for you to choose. The "Recent" option will record your recent using automatically and it is convenient to be used afterward.

If you have experience in video conversion, more features can catch your eyes. Come and have a try.

User-friendly interface and fast conversion speed make the whole PSP video conversion much easier and faster. Why not have a try, you will find more information at: Convert videos to MP4.


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