Custom Build

Host custom build files on your website to maximize the purchase conversion ratio.

  • Why should I provide a RegNow custom build for trial downloads?

    • It is reported by Digital River, Inc, that 75% users will prefer a direct trial download before purchase. They will download a trial version of the software first and if they are satisfied with the program, they will purchase it by clicking the Buy link in the software. Because the Buy link in our RegNow custom build file is embedded with your affiliate ID, RegNow tracks your sales giving you the opportunity to increase your sales by providing the direct download trial versions of our software.
  • How to create a RegNow custom build for trial downloads?
  • For Windows Software

    You may choose to host Trial Downloads on your site by downloading the file and placing it on your server (your affiliate ID will automatically be inserted) or you may post the trial download link on your site and allow RegNow to host the download. When having RegNow host a trial download, your affiliate ID will be dynamically inserted as the download takes place.
  • Use RegNow hosted Trialware.

    Locate the hosted URL within the RegNow interface. Do Name Search by simply entering "UMSoft" on your RegNow affiliate control panel. Once you identify any UMSoft product click "View". A "Relationship Detail" box will pop up and you can choose the "Sales Links" tab to locate all Buy and Trial links. In this way, hosted URL will automatically provide you with the latest version and trial build.